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By request only, our patio doors can meet and exceed ENERGY STAR performance requirements.
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Air TightnessWater ResistanceWind-load ResistanceEase Of OperationForce Of EntryEnergy Star®
Pacific Series 1000 & Atlantic Series 5000A3B4C3E3 – PassF20Qualified

All tests performed in accordance with AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/1.S.2/A440-08

A-Air Tightness

Rate of Air Leakage Through Sliding Glass Patio Doors. The higher the number, the more airtight the product.

B-Water Tightness

Water Penetration of Sliding Glass Patio Doors, at specified test pressure. Performance is indicated by a number ranging from B1 to B4 for sliding doors. The higher the number, the more watertight the product.

C-Wind Load

Structural Performance of Sliding Glass Patio Doors, at specified test pressure. There are 3 levels ranging from C1 to C3 for sliding doors.

Larger numbers indicate better performance. Level 1 in certain areas is considered to be the minimum requirement for residential construction.

E-Ease of Operation

For sliding doors, a number rating from E1 to E3 indicates ease of operation. They are tested based on the force required to open and close the moveable section of the door. E3 requires the least amount of effort

F-Force Of Entry

Resistance to forced entry. All sliding doors must have a lock or latching device. An F10 or F20 rating indicates that the product has passed forced-entry resistance testing. For both windows and sliding doors, an F20 rating indicates better performance than F10 rating

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