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Glass Options

We offer a varity of glass options to go with your Pacific and Atlantic series patio doors.

Cardinal LoĒ-180 Glass

Cardinal Glass Industries Inc

All of our patio doors come standard with LoĒ-180 glass with Argon from Cardinal. It is a glass coating with a thin, clear layer of silver between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coatings. A protective coating is applied to assure durability and long life, which is invisible to the naked eye, like looking through clear glass. It also provides excellent insulating capability, and is the ideal choice for comfort, reliability, and energy savings.

Cardinal LoE 180 provides the following benefits:

• Blocks heat loss to the outside and reflects heat back into the room
• Blocks 71% of the sun’s harmful UV rays  
• Allows the relative humidity of the indoor air to be controlled and maintained properly  
• Save money on heating and cooling with Energy Star compliancy  
• 20 Year Warranty

Decorative Glass

We offer the following grills:

We offer the following grill options:

Internal Blinds

With venetian mini blinds, you can control the amount of light and privacy for your room with just the touch of a finger. Magnetic controls allow effortless and reliable operation. Eliminate the need for window coverings for your patio door, which can be costly and a hassle to clean.

These insulated units are factory sealed and completely dust free, which reduces exposure to allergens, and cordless blinds eliminate the potential danger of hanging cords with children. The soft white fabric of the between-the-glass shades will never yellow or fade, so you can enjoy years of beautiful, maintenance-free blinds.
Venitian internal mini blinds provide the following benefits:

  •     No dust
  •     No cords
  •     Raise, lower, or tilt a full 180° for privacy control
  •     5 Year Warranty

Don't you just love our internal blinds?
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