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Oceanview Patio Doors Ltd

Oceanview Patio Doors is a manufacturer of vinyl sliding patio doors. See our modern and stylish New Euro series of handles. They're a perfect complement to any home's decor.

Why Choose Us?

Our history, our team, and our doors set us apart from the rest.


Our President

For over 40 years, the name Frank Nicolazzo has become synonymous with highly effective and stylish patio doors. During his time in the industry, he has seen many changes and found a way to adapt and thrive, never settling for the average, instead sought to go beyond. His experience designing, engineering, and perfecting multiple patio door lines, integrating new business models and management systems have given him invaluable knowledge, technical expertise, design aptitude and a commitment to quality manufacturing.


Our Team

Every detail has been considered in designing and manufacturing a stylish patio door with not just remarkable craftsmanship but true value. In its beauty, in the many new and unique features, and in the ability to please today’s demanding customers and their need for versatility and affordability. For those who seek a long-lasting product with excellent design features, and from Oceanview to you, we present proudly our Pacific and Atlantic Series patio doors, made by some of the most skilled and experienced craftspeople in the industry.


Our Doors

Our doors are best in class. Whether you're a homeowner or a installer, you can rest assured that the Pacific Series 1000 delivers industry-leading quality, with a wide array of options.


Don't take our word for it. Our customers will happily tell you for us!

"I just wanted to follow up and thank you for your warmth and generosity. I was extremely impressed with how you took the time to speak with us and provided us with everything we needed. It’s nice to know that we're more than just a number, and to put a face to the name after dealing with emails and phone calls."

"We wish to thank you for the comprehensive introduction to Oceanview Patio Doors. The information you provided is very valuable and we now have a much better understanding of what our spaces should have – or want. Thank you again for helping us make an educated decision, and for quickly completing our custom order."

"The first thing that was installed when we took possession of our home two years ago was an Ocean View patio door. Now I can't live without the luxury of having blinds built right into the glass of the door! Guests point them out every time we host, and for good reason; It's modern, stylish, and pulls the kitchen together."


5145 Steeles Ave. West,
Entrance “B”
Toronto, Ontario M9L 1R5


Phone: (416) 741 2600
Toll free: (1-855) 741 2600
Fax: (416) 741 2601
Online: Contact form

Office Hours

Monday to Friday:
8:00am – 5:00pm

Sales and Service

Contact us for sales, service, or to find a dealer in your area.

To visit our showroom, contact your dealer to book an appointment.